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Each song on this CD is an empowering and uplifting message that speaks directly to the heart.

Woven into the texture of these compositions are wisdom, love, service to humanity and the promise of a future that is fair and kind.

These songs are mantras and affirmations recorded with the magical love-frequency of 432Hz that touches the heart to carry a child on their journey to becoming a self-actualized adult.

Our Kid’s "LIVE" Shows are fun with inspiring and empowering stories in song that are sure to touch each child’s heart to their greatness.

Thank you in advance for your participation in spreading the LOVE and WISDOM for a better world for

our children.

Carl Stedmond's Love & Peace for Christmas is an 18 song tribute to the wonders of the Christmas Season. Carl is joined by two very talented singers Isabelle De Leon and Tianna Rose. Something for everyone, with a portion of the proceeds going to local children's charities.

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