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About Carl Stedmond

It seems Carl Stedmond came to this BEAUTY FULL Planet to EMPOWER. Born to a working class Irish/English famiy in 1958 in Merseyside, England. (The same place as George, John, Paul, and Ringo) It was a real tough upbringing. Adding to that at the age of eight was struck down with a rare hip Diss-ease known Perthese and was confined to a wheelchair for three years.


Now many years  later he is known as the Sensei for children and the Pied piper for children. At the age of 14 was INSPIRED by the Late Great Bruce Lee, His life was never to be the same. After 10 years of Extemely hard training received his Shodan (Black belt) in 1984 with the prestigious Karate Union of Great Britain and the J.K.A (Japan Karate Associassion)



He Emigrated to Ontario Canada in 1988 and opened his first fitness club and dojo (Karate Hall) The Liverpool school of martial arts went on to become a very succesfull club in competition because of the extremely high standard. Carl also went on to create and  Trademark two fitness workouts, SKIPFIT and KICKBOXERCISE in 1999. In 2001 he became an International Fitness and bodybuilding judge with Neautron sports. Competed and won Mr Fitness Ontario in 2002 and the same year became a level one boxing coach.

In 2005 Carl had a huge shift in consciousness and this INSPIRED him to re-create himself again. With a firm BELIEF that he created his own reality with every word,thought and FEELING He declared and became a singer/songwriter. He wrote and recorded his first CD THE DIARY OF AN UNEDUCATED MAN with the lead singer of the band Lighthouse, Dan Clancy. The CD was mixed by the one and only L Stu Young, who mixes for artist formerly know as PRINCE.

Carl has done many tv and radio appearences both talking and singing about his life and work.


In 2012 was presented with his 5th Degree black belt (Master)

He has just finished recording his second CD, THE GREATEST ME with the AMAZING composer Peter Nelson.


The CD has been done with state of the art recording FREQUENCY and is  especially for children. Songs such as I AM THAT, I AM and THE GREATEST ME as well as YOU NEED LOVE and I AM A SEED  will EMPOWER children throughout the world with their POWER FULL affirmation style.


Carl is still doing what he loves. Teaching Karate in his own unique style of EMPOWERMENT and performing show's throughout the world and spreading the LOVE and WISDOM of who and what we can all do if we just BELIEVE

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